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The main idea behind the foundation of our company was to incorporate meaningful & authentic experiences for our guests, wherein apart from getting to know about the cultural & historical aspects of India through our tours, they also get a chance to experience the 'REAL' India, which one can only get to know when they get down from their cars, travel to lesser known lanes of a city or town and meet the locals to know their stories. We offer our guests a chance to do this, through our authentic tours, wherein they meet locals and few people who are actually making a difference in the society, through their work.

All the people or organisations we support are not amongst the famous ones in India, reason being we don't promote & sponsor big NGOs or charities in India, as we understand they are already supported by big corporate houses, the government and charities abroad - and we are a rather very small company. Other reason for us to not be a part of them is this articleRather, we support individuals and small organisations, who are actually not coming up with a money laundering set-up, and we select them after understanding what they are doing and how their work is impacting their life & people around them. 

Have a look at the below people/organisations we are currently supporting, and providing a little help to their rather great initiatives.

Agra acid attack cafe

Sherous Hangout Cafe

A new café like no other, Sheroes Hangout, in Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, is run by five women who have all survived acid attacks. They decided to deny their assailants the satisfaction of their victimhood. Instead of staying hidden away at home, they wanted to live normal lives, and a normal life means getting up in the morning and going to work. That is what the café allows them to do - not to mention the fact that, coming from poor families, they need the income; whatever savings their parents had have been spent on their daughters' reconstructive surgeries. The menu here doesn't have any prices mentioned on it, so you may pay whatever you wish to. Further, when you tell us to organise this, we pay them some amount for your coffee and a bit extra to respect what they have achieved!

School Under bridge delhi

A school under a bridge

Each morning, before he opens his grocery store, 46-year-old Rajesh Kumar Sharma heads to a metro bridge in the east of Delhi. It isn't the bridge that interests him, but what goes on beneath it. For this is where he founded what he affectionately calls the free school under the bridge. With no walls, the pillars of the bridge serve as a boundary. But for the roughly 300 pupils - mostly children of impoverished migrant labourers, daily wage workers and seasonal farmers - it offers the chance of an education. Most of the pupils are enrolled in nearby government-run schools, but the free school under the bridge offers them the additional tuition in mathematics, English, Hindi, science, history and geography they need to get by. They sit on donated mats, while the teachers use donated plastic chairs. Two steel trunks store the attendance registers and other paperwork. Also joining Rajesh is Mr Chandra, who teaches mathematics and science  to the students.

dog lady of delhi

The dog lady of Delhi

Also known as the ‘dog lady of New Delhi', Pratima Devi, is a rag picker and has chosen to dedicate her life to stray dogs. Pratima lives in a tarp-covered shed with her 120 dogs and sells scraps to feed them, despite barely being able to feed herself. Devi knows that taking care of that many dogs can be an extremely expensive endeavor for anyone.  She only makes about 150 rupees a day, which is about $2.24 in US Dollars. Regardless, she works as hard as she possibly can, because she knows that so many dogs rely on her not just for food, but she takes them to a vet to ensure their health as well.  She would never want to let them down, because she loves all of them so much. Pratima has three grown-up children who still live in her native village, but she refuses to go back there. She says: “My son calls me all the time and tells me that he will take me to the village with him. But I don’t listen to him, I want to do good for the dogs.”

Apart from the above, there are many other inspiring stories of people in India, who are working tirelessly to make a better society and helping people in need to live a better life - all without any expectations or returns. While exposing them to the outside world, we are just making a little initiative and we believe that all together we can support them, in their noble cause.

In case you would like to include the above, or would like to know more about other initiatives that we support, please advise your Private tour consultant, or may write to us - info@takemetoindia.in