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Travel Beyond India

Apart from offering private & tailor-made tours to India, we also offer our travel services in Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka & Tibet. Through our network of associate and self owned offices in these countries, we are able to offer our guests a memorable travel experience, where you can chose to combine any of these destinations with your Indian journey or may be a different individual itinerary for that destination.

Nepal Tours


Nepal, favorite in the 60′s, has today far more to offer the adventurous, the pious, the explorer, and the wanderer. A modern day kingdom in the sky, Nepal is an almost spiritual blend of high adventure and higher consciousness.Watch ancient rituals and procession at its temples and monasteries, or walk the worlds highest mountain trails. Explore incredible flora and fauna, or an ancient culture and colorful markets.Nepal with its mountains, racing rivers, quaint temples & palaces, tough trekking trails and wildlife safaris make it a place to rejuvenate and revitalize – the body and the soul!

Bhutan Tours


For many years utterly remote, mysterious  and lost in the clouds, Bhutan has opened up just a little to the world. One of the worlds last remaining Buddhist kingdoms, it is also one of the last truly magical, unspoilt places with an ancient living wisdom. After all, how many countries measure their prosperity in Gross National Happiness? Come to Bhutan to see one of the most unique places on Earth.  Bhutan exists today as it would have done centuries ago offering a truly authentic experience in a land of monasteries tucked away in mountains, unfrequented trekking trails and wonderful, hospitable people.

Sri Lanka Tours


An emerald teardrop at the foot of peninsular India, ancient Sri Lanka is a jewel in the Indian Ocean. Gorgeous beaches, and the charm of tropical ocean front life leave their mark. Here, you can spend leisurely days exploring ancient monuments, natural wonders, wildlife (leopards, elephants  and many more), while enjoying beach resorts and stays at lush tea estates.The sea is never far – and Sri Lanka is one of the best places to watch the giant Blue Whale, as well as other species of whale and dolphins, all near the coast, during their annual migration from November to April.